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McCain supporters fueled Hillary's Indiana win

The exit polls show that Hillary Clinton only won Indiana because of pro-McCain voters. In other words, she probably owes her victory to Rush Limbaugh and his army of chaos-loving Dittoheads.

P.S. In fairness, Ben Smith points out that "presumably many of these were voters sincerely picking a second choice." That's true, and it's a good point. It's impossible to know, of course, what percentage were doing that, and what percentage were "playing tactical games," a la Limbaugh. Nevertheless, whatever their motivations, it seems (if we believe the exit polls) that Hillary owes her margin of victory in Indiana to the support of people who have no intention of voting for her in November. Given the Clinton camp's penchant for using primary results to draw conclusions about electability, this seems a fair and pertinent point.


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GOP was 12% of total vote (1.2 mil or so). HRC carried them 54-46. (Per FOX - exit poll info given at the beginning of the night) HRC won by 23K, give or take.

This is Texas redux.

Rush absolutely gets credit for this. He was the difference.

As to electability...HRC carried white males 61-40 in NC. The lady has one hell of a case, if you ask me.

I thought Rush was irrelevant because he wasn't a McCain supporter during the Republican nomination. How things change.

Rush has been the first to argue that true blue (no pun) McCain supporters are not the ones going to vote for Hill dog in Operation Chaos.

I just watched Russert's video clip on Drudge. A bit odd. He has a gleeful smile as if he is the one who gets to declare the race over and he is happy with the result.

I don't think it matters which of them won Indiana. IN has been known as a red state, in terms of Presidential elections, since 1964. I mean, yes, there's a time for everything (in terms of change) but I don't forsee it being this time.

Hillary is the choice of the Rush Limbaugh crowd. This should tell Democrats something.

I'm not sure of the exact numbers but I personally know 10 Republicans who voted for Hillary in the Ohio primary, and gleefully told me so since they knew I was an Obama supporter. Blows my mind that Rep. can vote for a Dem. primary and vica versa.

As for the rest of the primary, only 200 or so delegates remain and they will be basically split barring some unforeseen landslide, so it looks like we go to the convention.

Just to another point that a lot of talking heads seem to be making about both candidates, just because they win or lose a state in the primary doesn't parlay into them winning or losing it in the general election, but that theme seems to come up over and over again. In swing states in makes sense but otherwise is just silly.

im suprised mccain is still trailing or in a dead heat at best in the national polls. if he cant have a big lead now while getting a total free ride, how can he expect to win the election when he starts to face the same scrutiny obama and clinton have faced lately?

Then again, how many 'dead' people voted in Gary I wonder...

I take umbrage with your statement about dead people voting. Dead people do not vote in Chicago-land!

Russert ALWAYS has an odd smile during election night coverage. The man absolutely loves elections. He's fumbling for words in November.

"HRC carried white males 61-40 in NC."

Ed, that sums to 101 :}. Sounds like the NC WMs slightly Overperformed ;]. Perhaps a few WFs with, shall we say, an overperforming level of Testicular Fortitude slipped into the Sample :>.

"IN has been known as a red state, in terms of Presidential elections, since 1964."

Actually since (i.e. Beginning with) 1968, Trisha. 10 straight Republican presidential wins 1968 through 2004. / Or, if you prefer, since 1940 with the sole exception of 1964 ~ when Hoosiers chose LBJ over poor Old Barry :( by 56%-44%. // ACTUALLY, Indiana's been very GOP-loyal ever since in Party was founded: voting Democratic only 8 times in the 38 presidential elections beginning with the 1856 Hoosier triumph of the Buchanan/Breckenridge Dem Dream Ticket (ah yes, I remember it well :).

Hillary is vowing to carry on, even though, according to Drudge, Super Delegates won't take meetings with her. Her campaign has crossed the line from "last ditch effort" to "sad."

Dr. Dean and the Democratic Party should be investigated. They're responsible for rules that have deprived Michigan and Florida Democratic voters of their right to have a say in the nomination process. As such, these voters who had supported Hillary should leave the party in droves. I would not be surprised if they vote for McCain in the general election. Winning Michigan and Florida should help McCain become President.

I think its a joke that our political process can be maniulated so easily as it appears to me she lost both states if it would have been conducted fairly.

I'd be livid if I were Hillary. The Democratic Party would rather dump its hard working, long-time member Hillary in favor of an unproven Chicago political machine novice without any meaningful state senatorial record that would evidence a real ability to bring people together. The Democrats are afraid of losing the black vote; that's why they're going with Obama.

Ok, seriously we have to go over this AGAIN?!?

Dr. Dean and the Democratic Party should be investigated. They're responsible for rules that have deprived Michigan and Florida Democratic voters of their right to have a say in the nomination process.

Michigan and Florida Democratic voters have zero RIGHT to have a say in the nomination process of a private political party. The same is true for voters in every other state and territory. The Democratic party could choose any method of picking their nominee. They could hold a beauty pageant, a jousting competition, draw a name from a hat, roll dice, play a game of poker. There is nothing to investigate. The fact that both parties choose to have popular vote based selection is probably a smart choice as otherwise people would leave either party in droves, but there is absolutely ZERO "right" for anyones votes to count. Roy you are just plain wrong.

As for dumping its hard working, long time member, who cares? Just because you are doing something for a long time doesn't mean your the best choice. The presidency isn't determined by seniority (because good lord then Strom Thurmond would have been president...). In one post you bitch and moan about people being deprived of their "right" to choose their nominee and now you are saying it should be done based on seniority? Seriously you like Clinton, we get it, but she lost, time to move on.

David K.

Maybe you have forgotten that Florida and Michigan broke the rules that they originally agreed to and so did each candidate.

even with florida and michigan hillary is hopelessly behind. this is a non-issue that is only brought up by mccain supporters to discredit the democratic party and by irrational hillary supporters.

a & a - Rush has not stated a preference as to HRC and BHO. He has said again and again and again he is all about the civil war continuing amongst the donkeys. I believe he wants BHO to get the nomination since he has so much baggage and so little accomplishment. Rev. Wright and the Ayers are the gift that keeps on giving.

All y'all who are crying about the "fairness" of crossover voting...where the hell were you when NH Democrats resuscitated McCain? Please recall that BHO ceded NH to HRC and there was no real contest. At least 10% of the GOP primary voters crossed over and voted McCain overwhelmingly. If Romney would have won, he would have swept Iowa, NH, and Michigan. The media narrative would have been all about the Romney juggernaut.

Instead, we got the rapturous coverage of a resurrected McCain and how he would go to SC as a winner and would become the presumptive winner there. A three-time loser McCain with less than zero cash would never have been allowed to make it South.

So, spare me your cries of "fairness."

Ed, I express no opinion about your underlying thesis re: crossover voters and "fairness," but this statement...

BHO ceded NH to HRC and there was no real contest blatantly, factually, utterly, laughably untrue.

good kos article on possible (dem) vp choices. im interest in seeing people's comments and suggestions on who people want to see in that slot.

might help if i submit the url

Whatever Ayers did in his past, the fact is he is now a college professor who was never convicted of a crime. The one article that quotes him as being unrepentant was an article in the New York Times. Ayers has said repeatedly that the reporter distorted his comments and he even wrote a letter to the editor to the Times after the article came out making that case.

On the other hand, George W. Bush's business investor in the 1980s was Osama bin Laden's half-brother, Donald Rumsfeld delivered WMD components to Saddam Hussein himself in the 1980s and Dick Cheney circumvented U.S. law to set up a Halliburton operation in Iran in the 1990s.

Get your damn facts straight.

I think "Operation Chaos" has been effectual since at least the Pennsylvania primary, however, the exit polls in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and North Carolina all hold disturbing trends for Obama no matter how you slice and dice the numbers, and Obama will not do nearly as well with independents and Republicans as many of you previously expected back during the Super Tuesday time frame. McCain likely is going to clobber Obama among independents, forcing Obama to be even more reliant on getting out the black vote, the latte liberal vote, and the youth vote, while hoping that GOP turnout is depressed due to McCain being the Republican nominee.

Andrew - while the GOP voters who turn out in the general election may be depressed at having McCain as their candidate, given the opponent he will have, I very nuch doubt if the GOP turnout will be depressed ...

Andrew - while the GOP voters who turn out in the general election may be depressed at having McCain as their candidate, given the opponent he will have, I very much doubt if the GOP turnout will be depressed ...

Yeah, Obama lives in the same neighborhood as an unconvicted member of the Weather Underground, but Hillary Clinton's husband pardoned the rest of the Weather Underground members... which fact is more difficult to defend?

Obama's pastor said naughty things, and McCain says he doesn't care if our troops die in Iraq every single day (as they are today) for the next 100 years.

Why even waste the money on holding an election this year? McCain couldn't even get a job anyplace in this country at age 72, nobody would hire him, but he's running for the most important job in the country!!?!? If McCain wins 10 states, those states should be excomunicated from the country and forced to live on their own until they starve to death from stupidity after a year and we take them over again, just to prove a point.

mccain actually got less than 80% of the votes in the republican primaries in nc and ind yesterday. this is running unopposed. im sure the obama campaign is terrified at the prospect of facing such a juggernaut.

good kos article

Simply putting those three words in that order has caused the gravitational field of the earth to shift.

Okay, I am all about Obama, but this is just BS:

"McCain says he doesn't care if our troops die in Iraq every single day (as they are today) for the next 100 years."

McCain certainly deserves to be called on the fact that he's willing to stay in Iraq for 100 years (read: a long time) but saying he doesn't care if troops die is ridiculous.

Oh, to make it clear, that wasn't an Obama quote, that was SU while acting as a proponent of Obama.

Jim, you will soon learn to ignore Sandy's incoherent babbling. He's like a trained chimp with a word processor.

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