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Ohio: it's a quagmire!

I knew the mortgage crisis had hit Ohio hard, but I didn't realize things were as bad in the Buckeye State as this headline suggests:

Obama, Clinton Respond to Bush’s Speech on the War in Ohio

Personally, I think we should withdraw our troops from Ohio immediately. We must stand down so the Ohioans can stand up.


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This video of Obama in Ohio really sums up a whole lot.

This is an unfair comparison. I believe most would agree that Anbar Province is less dangerous than parts of Cleveland.


This is probably closer to Obama...


A+A - I seriously LOL'd.



I'm surprised it hasn't gotten more views. Tay + Rick, how can you miss?

See, this all pales in comparison to the brutal war conducted between Ohio and the state of Michigan.

*insert tasteless Kent State reference here*

What about the war between Tennessee and Georgia?


I believe Condor already did that.

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