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More on Hillary's lie misstatement

Snipergate: the gift that keeps on giving!

SARAJEVO, Bosnia - The Bosnian girl who famously read a poem to Hillary Rodham Clinton during her 1996 visit to the war-torn country is shocked - and her countrymen infuriated - that the former first lady claimed to have dodged sniper fire that day.

Emina Bicakcic, now 20 and studying to become a doctor, told The Post she stood on the tarmac at the air base in Tuzla, greeted Clinton and even had time to share the lines of verse she'd written - all without fear of attack from an unseen enemy.

In other news: Heh.


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I love how Hillary says she was ducking and running from sniper fire, but when she saw the eight-year-old girl standing there, she had to stop and say hello. EXCUSE ME??? If it was so damn dangerous, don't you think Hillary would have said, "What the Hell is that 8-year-old doing here??"

Please A&A, Hillary saw sniper fire and was shot at, she never said that OTHER people were threatened or under fire, only her, and there's really nothing but a pile of facts to dispute her recounting of the day, so give me a big fat break. Just because this little girl was too young to understand the danger, Hillary kept her composure (ala Bush on 9/11 reading the goat book while fully knowing the country was under attack) made even Sinbad feel safe by her bravery and unwavering patriotism, so thick that it surrounds her like a bullet-proof bubble.

Her Patriotic bravery would bring a tear to a glass eye, and her own eye as well.

"Her Patriotic bravery would bring a tear to a glass eye, and her own eye as well."

... but only right before an important election.

When the World Trade Center was attacked in February 1993, President Bill Clinton flew to New York to be briefed on the attack and the response by city, state and federal authorities. According to newly released White House calendars of Hillary Rodham Clinton's time as first lady, she remained in Washington to attend a photo shoot with Parade magazine and a performance of "Jesus Christ Superstar."

Where do I get a white house calendar of Hillary Rodham Clinton? And are there bikini pics involved? Clearly, her religiosity in attending the sacred musical "Jesus Christ Superstar" by Rev. Andrew Lloyd Webber is indicative of the woman's piety. Again, what a woman. I suggest we begin calling her Sister Hillary... wait, Mother Hillary. In so many ways she is like the Mother of all Americans.


I was honestly waiting for someone anyone from Bosnia to call Billary out on this bald face lie. How infuriating it must be that there is someone telling the entire world that the 1st lady and her daughter came to your country and was in danger for her life! just amazing

It was really silly and stupid of me to
think that America has had enough of the
Republican party! I went and just knew in
my heart that a Democrate was gonna shoot
on in the hot seat and get us at least half
way.Wrong wrong wrong!!!The Republicans
are to powerful now and its our fault.We
gave them the power to do whatever they
want and they are not going to give it up!!!So let Mccain win!!!If a Shadow
Government is real it will start showing
more more and more of its self.I wonder
How would Brendan Loy an his Geeks responed
if they knew that all this spying on U.S.
citizen was to prepare the Government
for future urban warfare.Well it not
impossible U.S. has had lots warm ups
in Iraq.So By now betrals and lies becomes
pretty easy.Kicking down your door want
be a problem for a Train Soldier!!!Just
doing what Im told sir!!!So go head ,I
like to see 5,6,7 more Republican Nixion
Hardliners in the Whitehouse.Go Mccain!!
I know! It will never happen!Im to Educated
for this! Besides its only for Blacks and
dirt Poor people.The Illusion of freedom
has you!!!!

I vote for Jalypso! ...for semething with public exposure but no actual power over my life. Something like ESPN host.

That is some quality rambling there. I'd love to hear more.

I dunno. It may be less problematic that Obama's latest shoot myself in the other foot move. To give you some flavor, here's a snippet about new reports of the democratic presidential hopeful’s connection to another racially divisive public figure—the stridently homophobic Rev. James T. Meeks.

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