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It's 3 AM, do you know who your ad is voting for?

The girl who appears in the now infamous "3 AM" ad that the Clinton campaign aired in Texas prior to last week's primaries supports Obama. Casey Knowles filmed some footage for a railroad company advertisement 10 years ago; the Clinton camp bought it from Getty Images. Knowles will be 18 next month and met Obama at a rally held last month in Seattle. She has already been in touch with the Obama campaign and may work with them to film a counter ad.


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finally the democratic contest approaches something akin to the merits. If such a counter-ad would help someone make their voting decision more than a butterfly flapping its wings in China, said person should not be allowed access to matches or even a dulled spork.

Hillary is building a great case for McCain.

Congrats David, the Knoxville News-Sentinel's Michael Silence says you have the "Headline of the Morning." :)


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