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Polling place report

In case anybody's wondering, the only presidential candidate with a presence -- i.e., campaign signs -- at the Cedar Bluff Middle School polling place in West Knoxville was... Ron Paul. He had a ton of signs (as he has, all over this area, throughout the campaign), alongside the numerous signs for various local candidates. But there were no Obama, Clinton, McCain, Romney or Huckabee signs anywhere in sight. I thought there were two never-say-die Thompson supporters showing their true colors, but it turns out their "Fred 08" t-shirts were a reference to Fred Sisk, a county trustee candidate.

I'll have more photos of the election-day circus later this evening. Stay tuned.

The best part of my voting experience -- well, aside from having my vote stolen by Diebold, of course :) -- was getting a free Krispy Kreme donut from the Cedar Bluff Middle School Student Council. Well, not entirely "free"; I made a donation to their little donation box thingy. A lot of others had donated, too. Those kids are getting a great lesson in the twin pillars of American life: democracy and entrepreneurialism. I love it! Anyway, the most I've ever gotten for voting before was a sticker, so a donut was an unexpected bonus.

On my drive over to the polling place, I caught the tail end of Freddy Smith's award-winning morning show on WDVX. As he always does, Freddy ended the show by saying "it's time for me to go home and feed them chickens," then played a gospel set -- "to tune up your heartstrings," as he always puts it. One of the songs he played had a chorus which stated: "Don't be afraid or ashamed to speak our savior's name." It almost made me want to vote for Mike Huckabee! ;) Okay, not really, but if any fence-sitting Christian conservatives were listening to Freddy while en route to vote, the song might have steeled their resolve to get off the fence, strategic voting be damned, and proudly vote for Huck.

Speaking of the Huckster, yesterday as I was driving home from work, I saw a pair of his supporters standing in the median on Henley Street, waving Huckabee signs in the rain. I was stopped at a red light for a while, so I watched them, and noticed that nobody was honking or otherwise acknowledging them. I felt sorry for the poor bastards -- getting soaked while campaigning for a lost cause, and getting no love for it -- so when the light turned green, I honked and waved as I drove by. They looked delighted, as if they were thinking: finally, a supporter! Heh. Well, not exactly. But although we may not see eye-to-eye, I'm glad they're passionate about their candidate.

Happy Super Duper Tuesday, everybody.


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Good for you for doing your civic duty :)

Brian and I are unable to vote in the primaries because we did not have a New York residence before the registration deadline (unless, of course, you count his hotel room, lol). We considered voting absentee for PA, but he has decided against it. I may still choose to do that, but am not certain.

Just solicited to vote for Ron Paul (in next week's Chesapeake primary) here at Reagan Airport, Terminal A. (Pretty sure there's a rule against that, but TSA/airport PD don't seem on the ball).

Thanks for the link back.


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