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McCain sign vandalized

McCain sign vandalized

Saw this on Locust Street in downtown Knoxville. A bunch of McCain signs have popped up around town in recent days; I wonder, given the printed piece of paper, if this is an organized campaign of vandalism against them?

P.S. To be clear, when I say "organized," I don't mean to suggest that another candidate's campaign might be behind it. I just wonder whether some idiot printed out a bunch of those "SUCKS! He's a liberal" labels and taped them on a bunch of McCain signs. Seems like a lot of trouble to go to, just to vandalize one sign. Can anyone in Knoxville confirm or deny whether other McCain signs around town bear similar messages this morning?

P.P.S. In a sort-of related story, the Knoxville News Sentinel has endorsed McCain and Obama.

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While I certainly don't endorse the type of conduct, I certainly believe that the sentiment expressed is that held by a lot of conservatives.

Par for the course for Romney supporters. Here's what they were doing in NH:

Another view (unedited video):

obama just surged from 39% to 46% to win the democratic nomination on intrade. hopefully this wont be a repeat of the new hampshire fiasco.

"While I certainly don't endorse the type of conduct, I certainly believe that the sentiment expressed is that held by a lot of conservatives."

Which probably says a lot more about the modern 'conservative' movement than you might want the sheeple to see. Keep on like this and you will likely get to see how popular 'conservatives' like Limbaugh, and Coulter really are with the general population.

I think you might be surprised.

John McCain may be a lot of things (angry, old, pandering, unable to work with most members of his own party, etc). But he certainly is not "a liberal."

It's another example of the McCain Mutiny.

Regarding the Romney videos, the woman doing it is apparently a Romney staffer. If she is still on Romney's payroll, the bitch should be fired TODAY.

Is it really vandalism if it's true??

And in response to A&A, compared to Obama, you're right, McCain's not a liberal.

McCain has obviously become the posterboy for conservative discontent. This MDS is out of hand already- if he does win the primary and it doesnt subside... well I thought Republicans were over their loveable loser mentality, but maybe not.

The funny thing is, Romney has a pretty similar track record of liberalism. He's raised taxes, instituted health care schemes, etc. Its not like its McCain vs Reagan here.

The idea that McCain is no different than HRC and Obama is just maddening and childish. The first acts of either of those to will be to institute national healthcare, appoint a replacement for Stephens and Ginsberg _at least_ as liberal as either, raise taxes, and pull out of Iraq. McCain, say what you want for him, wont do any of those things, petulant conservative tantrums notwithstanding. I can't think of a list more important to conservatives, and some are willing to cede all those battles because they cant get their perfect candidate. I hope they are ok with that while standing in line waiting for their mandatory government check ups.

Jordan: Yes, it's still vandalism. And it's evidence that it's the vandal who is really a liberal - conservatives believe in property rights! ;)

It's just someone speaking truth to power..... insane power that is...

This was not vandalism. Apparently McCain was forced to put it on himself after a truth in advertising lawsuit.

Brendan -

I didn't see any vandalism in Blount County as I drove to their courthouse today, but I did see dozens of McCain signs illegally placed around the county (in right-of-ways, within 100 feet of precints, etc.).

It reflects poorly upon a campaign when its workers are ignorant of campaign laws. Not to down McCain, as this isn't his fault and his previous and current positions are enough to "down" him. I'm sure that the other disorganized campaigns have similar offenses, as well.



Rob, the McCain campaign is mostly ran by volunteers, he has very few paid staff, and while I am in CA and not in Blout County and don't know the particulars, some volunteer with little idea of the rules on yard signs could have out up the signs. So, I would caution you against saying that McCain's campaign staff is ignorant of campaign laws. It could easily be that they are just volunteers. Here in CA a bunch of volunteers like me put up a yard sign and staffed a phone bank today, and maybe I broke a few rules in the process, who knows.

All of these attacks against Romney and the Republican base will only get McCain beat in November. Idiots.

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