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I'm Brendan Loy, a 26-year-old graduate of USC and Notre Dame now living and working in Knoxville, Tennessee. My wife Becky and I are brand-new parents of a beautiful baby girl, born on New Year's Eve.

I'm a big-time sports fan, a politics, media & law junkie, an astronomy buff, a weather nerd, an Apple aficionado, a Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter fanatic, and an all-around dork. My blog is best-known for its coverage of Hurricane Katrina, but I blog about anything and everything that interests me.

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I Voted Today

My first time using an electronic voting machine. Not actually "touch screen" -- you have to turn a little wheel thingy and press actual physical buttons. Sort of like a large, primative iPod. The iVote? :)


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Barack has been enjoyable as long as one fantasizes that the Democratic contest is just a reality show where neither candidate will assume the White House. It's hard to understand how anyone with the slightest distaste for liberal policies could vote for Barack though, but then I haven't been reading the blog lately.

"Sort of like a large, primative iPod. " - {my emphasis}

Hmmm ... an iPod for a folk-group, eh ? Primatives ...

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