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Hillary's firewall

is leaking.

This may explain the Clintons' emerging Texas-doesn't-count theory.

Tomorrow's Clinton talking points today: the new firewall is Rhode Island! ;)


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Now that's funny!

Hillary's Firewall is to "fire all" after she loses Texas.


Given the utter collapse of Hillary's poll numbers since her "Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction" performance over the past few days, you should start a pool to see which Hillary is going to show up at the debate tonight.

Is it going to be the warm-hearted, hand-shaking, dewy-eyed, awe-shucks, "we're gonna be fine" Hillary? Or is it going to be the scolding, finger-shaking school-marm who likes to occasionally take on the tone of a Lewis Black rant, religion baiting "Hillary from Hell?"

If the past few days are any indication, I expect we'll see flashes of both -- with each one probably emerging at the most inappropriate moment possible.

Hey, what have you got against Rhode Island? ;>

The following comments were posted by Texasyank on the now-deleted, inadvertently-double-posted "other" version of this post:

Hey: you think I'm looking forward to heading over to Lamar High School twice next Tuesday, once in the morning and once in the evening?

But them's the rules, baby, and everybody knew it going in.


I agree with one of Peretz's commenters:

By the time the process is over, only two states, according to the Clintons, will actually count.

Florida and Michigan.

Thank you.

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