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They're underway at the Coliseum.

They're also underway in the SEC title game, and Tennessee leads LSU 7-6 late in the first quarter.

In the ACC, Virginia Tech beat BC, which virtually guarantees that Illinois will be eligible for a BCS at-large berth, and also helps Hawaii significantly. The only threat to the Warriors reaching the Top 12 now, assuming they beat Washington, is if Arizona State and Tennessee both leapfrog them in the BCS standings. (And even that might be okay, because if Tennessee wins, LSU might fall behind Hawaii.)

UPDATE: Trojans lead 17-7 at halftime. USC dominated the first half, but UCLA drove down the field in the final seconds to make it a ballgame. Dammit.

UPDATE 2: And at the start of the fourth quarter, Tennessee leads LSU, 14-13. If the Vols win, the Tigers won't go to the BCS at all, as UT and Georgia will take the SEC's two spots. Likewise, if Missouri loses to Oklahoma tonight, those Tigers will likely fall out of the BCS altogether as well, as Lex icon explains. So the last two teams ranked #1 in the regular season could both be left out of the big-money bowls! How crazy is that?

As crazy as everything else that's happened this season, I suppose.

UPDATE 3: Trojans looking like crap. This is, like, the opposite of Pete Carroll Second-Half MagicTM. Still 17-7.

UPDATE 4: HAHAHAHA!!! Karl Dorrell sucks!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! USC 24, UCLA 7, with 12 minutes to go.

For those who missed it: the Bruins had the Trojans stopped near the goal line (I have to think even Pete Carroll would have gone for the field goal), but when faced with a choice of whether to decline a holding penalty and take their chances with 4th and goal from the 2, or accept the penalty and give the Trojans another shot at 3rd and goal from the 12, Dorrell inexplicably chose the latter, USC predictably marched right in for a touchdown, and I'll be mighty surprised if Dan Guerrero isn't calling a press conference to fire Dorrell at this very moment.

UPDATE 5: Meanwhile, Erik Ainge probably just threw away Tennessee's shot at the SEC title. An interception inside the LSU 5 yard line, and LSU has the ball, up by 7, with 2 minutes left. This after an earlier pick-6 gave LSU the lead.

UPDATE 6: LSU wins. The Tigers are going to the Sugar Bowl (barring a trip to the title game if chaos strikes later tonight), where they will almost certainly play Hawaii, if the Warriors beat Washington. With Tennessee losing, there is no way an undefeated Hawaii gets excluded from the BCS.

Virginia Tech is effectively eliminated from any national-title hopes, and Georgia's chances are severely hurt. If Missouri and West Virginia both lose tonight, you have to believe LSU gets the nod over Virginia Tech (which it crushed earlier this season) and over Georgia (a fellow two-loss team from the same conference that didn't even win its own division, whereas LSU won the conference). But it would be a debate among LSU, Georgia, Oklahoma and Kansas. Virginia Tech wouldn't even be in the discussion, IMHO, because of that loss to LSU. Nor would USC, not with the worst loss of the bunch.


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Touchdown Trojans!

7-0 and I'm on my way to winning your pool Brendan!

USC wins 49-10

Holy cow, how was that NOT a PI??? Oh right, Pac-10 refs...

Tennessee took the lead and just got the ball off an interception and are headed down the field again. Go Vols, beat LSU!!!

Will someone please explain WHAT THE HELL Sarkisian is up to? USC's O-line is constantly blowing UCLA off the ball, Chauncey and McKnight are constantly a half-step from breaking one, and Sarkisian can't wait to have Booty pass on first down. Which means he has to throw on second, then third. Then the Trojans punt.

WHAT THE HELL! Cram it down their throats!

Okay. First down at the twelve. Wanna bet a pass?

Fine. All right then.

I know the SEC championship game isn't necessarily getting the full attention of the Trojansphere, but this is a helluva entertaining game. It's one of those games where I've felt like I was going to puke from the nerves for the last two hours.

You and me both, Jay. I know we have different allgiances, but JEEZ.

And no penalties for UT? Give me a break...

As I type this - TOUCHDOWN ZENON!!! GO TIGERS!!!

A dramatic, nail-biting LSU game?


Karl Dorrell cannot coach.

That is all.

And THAT ladies and gentleman is why Karl Dorrell is gonna be looking for a new job pretty soon. Decline the penalty don't give USC a shot at the end zone with the way Booty has been throwing. Man oh man.

Let us linger on this moment, because if UCLA had fired Karl Dorrell yesterday and hired the drunkest brother of Sigma Chi to coach the Bruins today, they'd be in better shape as of this moment. Frat Boy would have declined the penalty, given SC the ball fourth-and-goal at the two, and put the onus on Carroll: go for it (the Trojans were stuffed the last time, and does anyone think Carroll would do anything but run a tailback behind Baker?); (Has Carroll, for all his stones, ever done anything else on fourth and short?); or else kick a field goal and leave UCLA with a chance to win with two touchdowns.

No: Dorrell accepts the penalty, which actually gives Booty more space. Sarkisian calls for an iso play--All-American tight Davis vs. a linebacker; Booty dumps the ball off, Davis leans forward and scores. 24-7. Game over.

As a Trojan of good standing, I can't believe my good fortune. GAME OVER.

Absolutely disgusting. I'm as pissed about that game as any I can recently remember. It was a game that the Vols should have won, and didn't because of two horrible, obscene errors from their senior QB.

Blech. Guess we'll be back in Tampa for New Years.

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